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Day out at Arambol and Morjim

by on Mar.22, 2009, under Outings

The guys at office have been lately planning trips almost each weekend to some or the other places in goa these days. So they decided that this weekend we’ll go out to arambol and morjim. Almost a month back we had gone to a cool trekking place behind Fort Aguada which I didn’t know existed, it was fun and a nice experience except the fact that I had just gotten up from bed as I was down with fever (continue reading…)

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Nightmare in the bathroom

by on Mar.21, 2009, under General

This happened two days ago when the heavy gushes of wind locked me damn if I know how into the bathroom. I had gone in without locking the door, as no one was at home and I wouldn’t have taken long. The wind currents were quite strong and one such burst shut the door. (continue reading…)

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Almost there but yet not there

by on Mar.21, 2009, under General

Hey fellas,

I have been thinking of posting something here in my blog for quite some time now and hardly posted anything after setting up my site… however even though being as lazy as I am, I couldn’t really think of something technical to write on. I would like to post on something which is not just a google away and almost all info on almost anything is. (continue reading…)

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All my gamer tags that i can remember

by on Dec.28, 2008, under Gaming

Don’t know how but it just came to my mind that I should list all my gamer tags that I have ever used to play with for more than a couple of weeks… so here goes… in chronological order…

Sabertooth (UT ’99 in school)

Grim Reaper (Cs and UT in college)

$@iY@N $70rM [.!.] (CS when we started my clan $4!N7 ‘s)  <stands for Saiyan Storm, man i loved DBZ around that time>

$$1 [.!.] (CS, sometime after I had joined ~Rene[G]adeS~, advancing stages as game improved :P)

$$2 [.!.]

$$4 [.!.] (We had won something in a pretty cool way, so i skipped one level from 2 to 4 ^_^)

$henr0n [.!.] (CS, After DB GT ends Goku fuses with Shenron making Shenron Goku the most powerful, the whole name was kinda long and no one really got it’s whole idealogy so kept it short)

p0!n7 |3las7 (CS, DotA, COD4, COD5, GTA4) [Life changed after joining office, kind of drifted away from cs as steam sucked here. Say hi to DotA my new favorite, kicked ass in office lan matches every evening in COD4 and COD5 with the same tag]

point #387 EU  – Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

point #646 NA  – Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

point #901 SEA – Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

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Hello World!!!

by on Dec.28, 2008, under General

Hello everyone!!! This is the first entry and more like a touch the water with the foot to test the temperature post. I intend to regularly update my blog with the happenings and musing in my life, now that I have finally created one. Hopefully, the second sentence of this post, will be the longest single sentence I ever write without any punctuations 😛

Prologue: Oh wait did I just beat myself with the last sentence… crap. There goes my blogging glory into the drain…. I guess i’ll just write whatever comes to my mind then.


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