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NSArray lastIndexOf / NSMutableArray lastIndexOf

by on Jun.09, 2013, under Development

I couldn’t find any pre existing way of getting the last index of an item in NSArray, so I ended up creating my own implementation.

Categories are a very cool feature of objective C and allow you to add functionality to pre-existing classes in a modular way.

After including the category as part of the build, a developer can simply import the category header and use lastIndexOf as it was part of NSArray or NSMutableArray.

[NSArray lastIndexOf:(id)anObject];
[NSMutableArray lastIndexOf:(id)anObject fromIndex:(NSUInteger)fromIndex];

Just add the following two files to your project and you are all set.

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Server changes and website issues

by on Feb.19, 2011, under Development, Uncategorized

A couple of days back I received an email from my hosting provider that they were making changes to the PHP servers and how they host the sites. This was after I found out that half of my site was broken because of those changes. Even though I have fixed most of the issues, it would be great if anyone who finds something broken would inform me of it!

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GDC Europe 2010

by on Aug.18, 2010, under Development

The last 3 days at GDC Europe came to a really good end with me getting some inside info on the demo scene by Dierk ‘kaos’ Ohlerich himself!!! Apparently there is a demo scene party in 2 weeks in Cologne as well, would be interesting if am able to come back here again at the weekend for it!!!

Now am not really going to go into the details about the lectures or talks as the contents can be found quite easily on the web and am far from a journalist, but there were several interesting things to take away from this GDC.

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GDC Europe 2010 Day Zero

by on Aug.15, 2010, under Development

Today marks my first day in Cologne for the GDC Europe and then Gamescom. Things seem to be going well so far!

Also I complete 3 years today in the Games Industry.

Booking a place in advance really paid off and the place I will be living at for the next week is really cool!!! After all the talks and the parties it’s nice to know you will be going back to a comfortable place where you can rest properly.

Day Zero: We collected our passes through the early registration today and due to my honesty we returned an extra pass we had gotten by mistake. Was wondering if it would have been better to keep it and give it to some needy soul who wanted to attend GDC but could not, or whether I did the the right thing by pointing out the mistake.

The rain was very annoying to say the least, where I succeeded at planning a bit ahead for registrations and a place to stay, I failed at looking up the weather here at Cologne. Having lived most my life in India where I doubt they ever get the forecasts correct (not that I used to consult them earlier) but the relative accuracy of the German weather department makes me feel like I should look at the weather forecasts every time before going to another city or planning an outing.

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A Date with GeckoFx and InvokeMember(“click”);

by on Aug.04, 2009, under Development

A lot of people have been coming to my blog looking for information on GeckoFx mostly through a google search. I was successfully able to integrate GeckoFx into my crawler like app with some initial hiccups in place of the web browser 2.0 component. Although the web component exposes all functionality properly, it wasn’t enough for my needs. GeckoFx has alot of unexposed area’s and could do with a major upgrade. Anyhow I thought I would share some fixes I made or hacks I ended up with to fix some problems…

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AJAX and PHP Rock!!!

by on Jun.02, 2009, under Development

Ladies and gentlemen!!! Yours truly just ajax’d the shit out of the main web site XD

I chanced to look upon the contact page which previously used redirects and it seemed a very lame way to do it. What better way to improve it than use Ajax. That was just the beginning.

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Vs.Winamp – Winamp Addon for Visual Studio

by on Apr.17, 2009, under Development

Download: VS.Winamp Visual Studio Installer v1

MD5: 08a9a7ba2030916d421ef94e20245ce7

Vs.Winamp is an addin for Visual Studio which I created a couple of days ago. Normally you can use the global shortcuts but sometimes when I am working/coding I hardly touch the mouse everything in Visual Studio can be done so effortlessly and insanely fast with just shortcuts it’s simply mind blowing. However, on the days when am multitasking or just don’t feel like, am all lazy and do most things with the mouse.

Now winamp is just a pull down away at the top of my screen, but while building it sometimes takes a couple of seconds to show up… just to shave off those few seconds I made this add-in.

It’s bare bones right now and allows you to Play, Pause, Stop, Play Next Track, Play Previous Track. If I get time and feel like I definitely want to use better icons and add the Volume Control. Those are the first things you can expect in the new version if and when it comes. Till then, use it if any one finds any use for it. So long.

Works and tested with VS 2005 & 2008.

Update: I know it’s not very polished and feature complete yet, but it would be great and encouraging if any one who uses it can drop in a comment about it 🙂

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