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Of Starcraft 2 and the days gone by…

by on Nov.04, 2010, under Gaming

It’s been quite some time since the last update and I have been up-to varied things in these past few months!

I went from reading a lot of new books, exploring some new tech to giving exams for the business management and project management programme I was enrolled in … and successfully clearing it!

I have been taking/making some photographs but haven’t been active in organising the stock and uploading some good ones.

Apart from all these and several other things, that which takes the cake and has effected me the most and in a good way is… Starcraft 2!!!

Starcraft was one game which I had played a little with friends when Broodwar was still the most recent version but was scared to even try playing online against other people. When Starcraft 2 came around I knew I had to give it another shot! I must say I am very impressed with the new changes and the league / ladder system.

Playing it is not the only thing I have been doing. Starcraft 2 showed me exactly why the previous version is such a big hit in Korea and how it can be a televised event with dedicated channels to it. The replay system has some really good upgrades and the amount of information at your disposal is I wouldn’t say jaw dropping but simply admirable. Apart from that a lot of casters in English who have started commenting on matches have helped it grow just that much more.

Husky and HD have brought entertainment and e-sports together as far as Starcraft 2 is concerned. Day9 has been around for ages but am not sure if a lot of people knew about him unless they were into competitive Starcraft, however now with the increased interest in the western audience he too is a favorite of one too many Starcraft viewers/players.

Starcraft 2 has reached the top of my all time favorite games which I am sure I would love to play even when 100, if I survive to be that old that is. A little above DotA and slightly more frustration free variant HoN, right next to UT ’99 and the best team based shooter ever CS 1.6.

I have also been on a game purchasing spree with all the festive sales and discounts being dished out on Steam and other places, and while I got started I went ahead and bought several other games which I wanted to finish since a long time, which would include Assassins Creed 2, Psychonauts and Torchlight as being the more prominent ones among the over dozen games I bought.

It’s almost close to a year here in Germany and a lot of things have been going on simultaneously!

Will write more about that latter and hopefully have some good photographs to post along side or maybe seperately!

Till then Adios!

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